Outage Notification Jan 27 2021

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Outage Notification Jan 27 2021

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A limited number of Direct Communications customers in the Eagle Mountain City Center are experiencing an outage. We are seeing and investigating a few alarms in that region. We will update you as soon as we get more information.

Update 940am:

Confirmed Outage in Colonial Park and Pioneer developments due to fiber cut by construction crew in area. Direct Communications has mobilized and on-site to assess and repair. Estimated downtime 4 – 6 hours


Confirmed Outage in Colonial Park and Pioneer developments due to a third-party construction crew in the area – updated to “impacting multiple areas.”

Further assessment of the fiber cut has revealed extensive damage. The cut and the repair work will impact the majority of the Eagle Mountain customer network.

Estimated repair work –

  1. Majority of customers will experience interrupted service between 4-6 hours.
  2. Colonial Park and Pioneer developments will experience interrupted service between 6-8 hours.

Direct Communication crews are mobilized and on-site to repair the fiber cut.

To all of our valuable customers who are frustrated this morning because your vital work or schooling or communications or entertainment has been interrupted, please understand that we share your frustration. Any time Internet service is interrupted is an extremely serious setback for us here at Direct Communications, as well as for our customers. Most frustrating is that this fiber cut was an incident out of our control.

Please note that this incident is completely unrelated to the outage last year. This is simply a case where a construction crew not affiliated with Direct Communications at all, in the course of their building or utility or road construction, unfortunately, dug into our telecommunications fiber. For now, we are simply focused on repairing the damage. Our splicing crew is out there repairing the damage as quickly as possible. Please understand that repairing a cut fiber does take considerable time and is an extremely tedious process. Fiber optic cables can have up to 256 strands which have to be individually respliced one by one.

Update 3pm

Regular internet services should be restored for customers outside of City Center. The cut fibers that carried one route of our backbone have been respliced. The internal network fibers that service the city center neighborhoods are still being spliced. That work will continue until tonight probably until 7pm.

Update : 6pm

Fiber splicing continues to restore service to residents in Colonial Park and Pioneer developments in City Center. We have about 600 homes to go. ETA about 8pm. All other residents should be back to normal function.

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