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Direct Communications Cedar Valley (DCCV)

Procedure for Real Estate Developers to get telecom infrastructure installed in a new subdivision.

  1. Start with the final plat vellum.  Bring it by our office at 3627 E Campus Drive, Eagle Mountain.  We will sign the vellum (you must also have Questar and Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) sign the vellum).   At that time we will remind you that we need an electronic copy of the RMP design.
  2. Once you receive your design drawings from RMP, forward them and an electronic copy of your land base (your subdivision drawing cad files) to Direct Communications.  You can send them to
  3. Once we receive the RMP design, we will base a design off of that.  We attempt to utilize as much of the same ditch as we can, but we can never follow RMP exactly as our fiber optic cables are normally fed in a different manner and come from a different direction than RMP.  We attempt to use the same street crossings (chases) too, but many times it does not work out.
  4. Our engineer will send you a telecommunications cable design drawing as soon as practical.  Typically within 2 weeks of receiving the RMP drawing.
  5. Before construction starts, make sure to notify DCCV of the preconstruction conference.  That meeting is designed to allow your excavation contractor to ask questions of our outside plant manager as to details of the excavations needed and other construction details.  
  6. DCCV needs to be notified 2 weeks prior to ditches being open.  We will arrive at the appointed time and install the ductwork needed for the system.  We may also install handholes (small vaults) and other needed infrastructure at that time.  

Currently DCCV does this work at no cost to the developer.  However this will change in the very near future.  Our tariff allows $200 per lot to be charged in a joint construction operation or full cost if the developer did not provide any trenching.  We reserve the right to charge tariffed charges.  


Read our tariff filed with the Utah Public Service Commission:DCCV Tariff Construction Charges