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Directcom Digital Voice

Only $15 per month.

*$25 initial activation fee.

Call 801 789 2800 now to add Digital Voice to your account. 

Directcom Digital Voice gives you:

  • Solid phone service loaded with great calling features
  • Free, unlimited nationwide long-distance (to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states)
  • Responsive, personal service that you won’t receive from a larger national provider.
  • Competitive international calling rates.
  • The option to keep your existing phone number or obtain a new number.
  • Greater control over your phone: block the calls you don’t want, forward important calls to any other phone, or even check your voicemail from your email!
  • Savings each month versus a comparable local landline phone.

Why get a home phone?

  1. Experience peace of mind knowing your kids are safe with a phone that is addiction-free and porn-free!
  2. Less expensive than most cell phone plans
  3. More reliable service with consistent, clear signal
  4. Great for kids and babysitters.
  5. Perfect for a home office
  6. No setup  – No hassle
  7. Great backup/emergency phone when the wireless goes down.
  8.  It’s free with premium Internet speeds
  9. Only $1 in taxes!
  10. Won’t cause depression, anxiety or FOMO.

Talk as long as you want to with free unlimited long distance included.

Did you know that you can now add digital home phone service to your  Simplifiber Internet service?

Yes! We offer home phone service for only $15 a month to fiber customers, which includes unlimited local and unlimited long distance calling.  This is a far better value than the old emergency phone service.

Frequently asked questions about Directcom Digital Voice.

What equipment do I need?

In order to use Directcom Digital Voice, you will need a Blast Fiber Router.  All you need to do after subscribing to Digital Voice is to plug in your regular home phone into the phone input jack on the Gigacenter Router. The Blast is our recommended router to provide premium quality WiFi service throughout your home, and will not only improve your regular fiber Internet service experience, but it also comes with a specially-designed home phone jack built in for use over our fiber network, which we will activate to enable you to access the voice calling feature. The Blast Fiber Router managed WiFi service will be an additional $15 a month charged to your Internet account.

Can I keep my current home phone number?

Yes, you can keep your current number. Your number porting fee is included in the $25 phone activation fee.

How is Directcom Digital Voice different from your traditional land line phone service ?

The biggest difference, and great benefit of digital, or IP, phone service is that you avoid having to pay all the high taxes associated with traditional land line phone. Digital home phone service from Direct Communications, (a real telephone company) is delivered over your fiber line the same as our traditional landline service is, however, the voice travel digitally via Internet Protocol.  Also, your phone will only work if your Fiber Internet service works, which in Eagle Mountain is 99.9999% of the time.

What Features are included in the voice service?

  • Unlimited local calls
  • Free nationwide long-distance (in the contiguous 48 states)
  • Competitive worldwide long distance rates
  • Voicemail– Leave and retrieve personal messages
  • Voicemail to Email – Access your voicemail from your email inbox
  • Call Waiting – Move between calls rather than sending calls to Voicemail
  • Call Forward – Bypass voicemail and send a caller to another number
  • Selective Call Blocking – Prevent specific numbers from reaching you
  • Selective Call Forwarding – Forward specific callers to another number
  • Caller ID Block – Stop your caller ID from appearing on outbound calls
  • Last Call Return – Dial back the last caller
  • Anonymous Call Blocking – Prevent anonymous calls from ringing through
  • 3-Way Calling – Allow another person to join your existing call
  • Other Features – Directcom offers additional features upon request

How does digital phone service work?

You plug your existing phone into the supplied Gigacenter Fiber router, which comes with a regular phone jack built into the router, dial as usual, and we do the rest. We send your phone call digitally over our high-speed Fiber Internet connection, to the regular national switching system. Unknown to most of the public, most of the long distance calls you make from your mobile and landline phone are already being transported via IP. The magic all happens in the background. You may even keep your existing home phone number. The great benefit of digital, or IP, phone service is that you avoid having to pay all the high taxes associated with traditional land line phone.

Is Digital Voice service reliable?

We use all digital IP phones at our own telephone company headquarters to provide telephone service to each employee desk. Not only is it reliable, but with so many advanced features, like voicemail to email, online call screening, call management, and one-click calling, it makes using the phone fun again.

What is included in the unlimited calling?

Unlimited calling includes unlimited local calling and unlimited domestic  long distance within the continental USA. International calling will be charged extra on a per minute basis. Low per-minute rates on international calls are available.  411 and other premium charge calling services will be extra.  There are no monthly caps, but unlimited calling and other services are subject to normal use, to prevent automated robo-calls, fraud, and abuse of our unlimited calling plans and features. See our Reasonable Use Policy.

How much will I save?

You could save over $200 a year just on your local phone bill. You could also save an additional $250 or more a year on long distance service, depending on how much long distance calling you typically use on your current home phone. This is a great option to use a a babysitter phone or kids phone rather than paying for another mobile phone for home use. It also usually has a better signal quality than mobile phone service in Eagle Mountain.

What is the regular price for the phone service–is this an introductory price?

$15 per month is your everyday regular price for Digital home phone service including Unlimited Local & Unlimited Long Distance Calling, excluding about $2 in taxes and fees. The great benefit of digital, or IP, phone service is that you avoid having to pay most of the high taxes associated with traditional land line phone . You are free to cancel your digital home phone service at anytime.

NOTE: You will need a high-speed Internet connection to use Directcom Digital Voice phone service.

$25 one-time activation fee.

Directcom Digital Voice Broadband Phone Service: Service not available in all areas. Prices do not include taxes, incremental charges and surcharges. Some features incompatible with others. Subject to applicable restrictions and service agreements. Direct Vois Broadband Phone Service: Service (including 911 calling) will not function during a power outage and will not function during an Internet network outage. Use of 911 service permitted only at a Direct Communications-local phone exchange service address, otherwise 911 calls will not route directly to a 911 operator. Customers should secure an alternative to 911 service.

Read full VOIP contract and disclosure here.