Network Map of Fiber to the Home in Eagle Mountain

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If you are thinking of moving to Eagle Mountain, and want the absolutely fastest possible internet speeds, (up to 1 Gig per second speeds are now available on fiber) check before you move to make sure the home is already connected with Fiber to the Home by Direct Communications.

Click on the “view larger map” icon on the top right bar of the network map below, and enter your address in the search field in the Google maps interface to see if fiber is already installed at your home or future home.

Yellow is Fiber to the home. Blue is still copper to the home, which will be upgraded to Fiber in the future. You can also call Direct Communications at 801 789 2800 and confirm whether the address is served by fiber.

City Center area – yellow=fiber. This area is all upgraded to fiber to the home. This 6-year project was completed in Spring 2015.

The entire City Center area is now fully upgraded to fiber to the home.  The Ranches area  is still a mixed media area, with some neighborhoods already connected with fiber to the home, and others still on copper, depending on when the subdivisions or homes were built. All subdivisions developed since 2006 will have fiber to the home. Our goal is to complete the conversion to fiber to the home for every street and house in Eagle Mountain as soon as possible. For more information see

Ranches area - yellow=fiber; blue= copper

Ranches area – yellow=fiber; blue= copper

Over the past few years, Directcom has been able to upgrade about 300 older homes per year to fiber, while at the same time keeping up with fiber construction to all new subdivisions. Since 2006, we have invested about $24 million into network assets here in Eagle Mountain. Good news for the 2015 year is we have secured outside financing, with the aim to bring in external construction contractors, to try to speed up the process of upgrading all the old copper neighborhoods in the Ranches to all new fiber. In April 2015, we began upgrading the neighborhoods around Nolan Park, which we refer to as the Chimney Rock area in our network map. The next old copper area to be upgraded, starting in Fall 2015, is the older Silverlake subdivision. These subdivisions were chosen specifically because the original copper lines put in by the property developers were in dire need of upgrade or replacement, but we will use various criteria when selecting which subdivisions to upgrade next, depending on the whole network needs and best long-term engineering solutions.

If you are still on the copper network, waiting for our fiber optics to come to your house, please know that we are working as fast as our available funding and resources allow to get the whole city upgraded to fiber. Rest assured that while you wait for fiber, our copper network is still absolutely your best and most reliable connection option. We use 4th generation ‘VDSL’ technology to hit the fastest possible speeds over our copper network. Plus, only Direct Communications provides you with your own dedicated line to your home, and true unlimited bandwidth with no data caps, or throttling.