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no caps. no limits.

Go ahead watch as much as you like. High Speed Internet in Eagle Mountain Utah

Some Internet providers claim to support video streaming, but will cap how much data you can download each month. They may even charge you data overages, or throttle (intentionally reduce) your speed if you watch too much online video. Others will let you burst to their top advertised speed for just a few seconds, then slow you down afterwards, resulting in buffering. At Directcom, we never do that to our customers. Fiber means freedom.

Direct Communications is the only provider in Eagle Mountain that will give you true unlimited bandwidth, so you can stream as much online video as you want, in full HD quality. We will never charge you for data overages or throttle your speeds, no matter how much online video you watch. That’s because Direct Communications is the ONLY high speed internet provider in Eagle Mountain with a real fiber optic network to connect you directly to the cloud, with no wireless links inbetween. Bandwidth is never a problem for us–we have 3 separate, redundant and dedicated fiber optic routes out of Eagle Mountain, and are constantly upgrading our network to make sure we always stay ahead of bandwidth demand in Eagle Mountain.

All of the Wireless ISPs in Eagle Mountain enforce data caps or throttling policies, even if they don’t state it up front.  Streaming in 1080p on Netflix takes up 4.7GB/hour. That means the average HD movie download uses over 10GB of data. If you watched just one movie a night, that would use up 300GB of data a month. But, you are not just watching movies, are you? Your kids are streaming kids shows all day long on Netflix, plus you are catching up on whole seasons of your favorite TV shows, and probably streaming music all day long at home. If you are not with Direct Communications, you could easily burn through an entire monthly data allotment in one weekend binge of HBO online. Over half of Directcom customers use about 250 GB per month of data per household, and our top 10% of streamers average over 460GB per month. We calculate that our average customer would be paying an extra $15 a month in data overages with the leading wireless ISP in the area, and over $1000 a month using 4G from the leading cell phone providers.

Want to watch a new 4K movie this year? Expect 4K downloads to come in somewhere between 40Gb and 100Gb per movie, depending on the compression technology. Good luck watching those if your provider has a data cap.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t pay extra. Trust Directcom Fiber Optic Broadband for all your family’s entertainment and connectivity needs. No Caps. No Throttling. No Limits!