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FACT:  Direct Communications in Eagle Mountain does not require a contract or term commitment.

Fiber means freedom from contracts and freedom from outages.

Fiber means freedom from contracts and freedom from outages.

Don’t get stuck into a long-term contract with a provider you haven’t tried! Contracts carry real risk and real costs for consumers. Directcom offers a no-contract, month to month service option with just a $125 install. Or, choose an easy 6-month term with only a $50 install.

Any new customer may sign up for Directcom Broadband service without a contract. If you prefer the freedom of no contract, or month-to-month service, all that is required is a simple $125 installation fee. However, new customers who commit to an easy 6-month contract term with their service, pay only $50 for installation, with a 30-day no risk guarantee, and the peace of mind of knowing that they can cancel service anytime, with just a $50 early termination fee. What we find is almost 99% of customers in Eagle Mountain prefer service with a contract and $50 upfront, so we continue to offer that option.

We are the Eagle Mountain ISP that does not require a long-term contract. New customers could always choose to forgo a contract term. Our installation is very customer-friendly, thorough, customized, and hands-on: we do all the work for you and no technical knowledge on your part is needed to activate your service. We send a local tech to your house, who mounts the fiber electronics on your home, runs Ethernet cable inside to your network hub, router, or a location of your choice, then activates your home router, sets up your home wireless router with security if you desire, and he will not leave until you are satisfied that your new fiber internet connection, and the connection to all the devices in your home, is working to your satisfaction. We follow up with a satisfaction survey.

Don’t Sign a 2-year Contract with a Big Mobile Data Company for Home Internet!

We believe that consumers should stay with a service provider because that service is the best quality service available, not because they are stuck in a contract. Our fiber service stands alone as the fastest, most reliable Internet connection in Eagle Mountain, and we don’t need contracts to keep our customers–once you try fiber, you will never go back to any wireless provider. The difference is like night and day.

Don’t be fooled by gimmicky pricing or promos from the big national carriers–check our Directcom’s everyday pricing.  We are simple and transparent.