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Enhanced Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Call Forwarding.
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(per month)
Voicemail $5.45
Enhanced Voicemail $7.95
Caller ID $6.55
Call Waiting $3.25
Call Forwarding $3.25
Call Forward on Busy $3.25
3-Way Calling $3.25
Speed Calling 8#s $2.15
Speed Calling 30#s $3.25
Non-published $1.95
Non listed $0.95
Teen line $5.50
*call for quote on one time installation fee on any features
(per month)
Voicemail $12.10
Enhanced Voicemail $14.95
Caller ID $8.25
Call Waiting $6.88
Call Forwarding $3.85
Call Forward on Busy $3.25
Call Transfer $6.05
3-Way Calling $4.95
Speed Calling 8#s $3.85
Speed Calling 30#s $4.95
Basic Hunt Group $2.50
Non-published $1.95
Non listed $0.95
Custom package
3 features-excl voicemail $9.80

Digital Calling Features Demonstration Videos:

Mange my Phone-Voicemail-DistributionLists Voicemail-CustomGreetings
Mange my Phone-Voicemail-GeneralOptions Voicemail-DistributionList
Mange my Phone-Voicemail-NotificationOptions Voicemail-EMailNotification
Mange my Phone-Voicemail-RetreiveMsgs Voicemail-NewMsgNotify

Note: Not All features may not be available in your area. Please call 801 789 2800 for information.

Digital Calling Features Descriptions

Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
3-Way Calling
Speed Dial
Distinctive Ring
Do not disturb
Selective Call Rejection
Warm Line
Wake Up Service
*69 Auto Recall
Continuous Redial

Description: The Voice Mail feature will store messages for unanswered incoming calls. Those messages can be accessed from any phone.

Benefits: No more answering machine to keep tapes and batteries in. Voice mail is accessible from anywhere, anytime, you do not need to be at home to check your messages. Callers will not receive a busy signal when you are on another call, they will automatically be transferred to your voice mail.

How It Works: For initial setup of voice mail you do need to be on the phone that has the feature. To setup you will dial 801 789 4900, you will be prompted for a mail box number (your phone number). You will then be prompted to record your message after which you will press *. It will now ask you for a pass code. The pass code is a number of your choice, that you can easily remember. After you have the voice mail setup from your phone you are now able to access it from anywhere. To access the voice mail dial 801 789 4900, you will be asked for your mail box number (your phone number) and the pass code.

Description: With the call forwarding features you don’t have to worry about missing any calls. Send them to where you are or to someone who is available.

Call Forward Variable: Going out of town or going to be gone all day? Have all of your calls instantly go to your cell phone or where you are or to someone who is home at a different location.
Code *72 to Activate – Code *73 to Deactivate

Call Forward Fixed: Going out of town for a while? Let us know what number you would like your calls forwarded to, and we will program that fixed number into the switch.
Code #72 to Activate – Code #73 to Deactivate

Call Forward Busy: If you are going to be on the phone a lot but don’t want to miss any calls, you
can have calls forwarded to another number if your line is busy.
Code *90 to Activate – Code *91 to Deactivate

Call Forward Not Answered: Might be home, might be at the office? Let the phone ring a few times
before it forwards with this feature. If you are home, this feature will give you the opportunity to answer
before it forwards to another number.
Code *92 to Activate – Code *93 to Deactivate

Benefits: Allows you mobility with the option of not missing any calls.

Tip: These services are added separately, so you can choose the one that works best for you, or add all three.

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Description: Three-Way Calling allows you to add a third party to an existing telephone conversation.

How it Works: While on the initial call, press the receiver button once, listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone. (Present call is now placed on hold.) Dial the third party’s telephone number. If busy or no answer, depress receiver button twice to reconnect to first caller. If call to third party is successful, after you are ready to connect all three participants, press the receiver button once.

Benefits: Allows you to tell good (or bad) news to two people at once. Reduces the need for callbacks when trying to confirm plans and schedules. It is also a fun way to bring friends or families together.

Tip: Upon calling the third party, you may privately converse for as long as you wish before using the receiver button to establish the three-way call. And remember, you can disconnect the third party at any time by pressing the receiver button once.

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Description: Lets you know who is calling before you answer the phone. Caller ID requires a display unit which will also store names and telephone numbers of recent callers.

To Use Caller ID: Once your Caller ID has been activated, just follow the instructions of your display unit to install and operate. Calls marked “PRIVATE” or ANONYMOUS” are from callers who have chosen to block delivery of their name and number. You can block the “PRIVATE” and “ANONYMOUS” calls from coming through with a Caller ID display unit with that capability. The caller which is blocked is given a message that you do not accept blocked calls and gives them instructions to unblock their call.

Benefits: Security from annoying calls, manage time by not answering unwanted calls, and conveniently stores numbers until you delete them so you can return important or just missed calls.

Tip: There is a wide variety of Caller ID display units storing from 10 to 99 numbers. You can choose one that best suits your needs.

Tip: *67 to Block Caller ID.

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Description: Distinctive Ringing, also referred to as Personal Ringing, allows you to add up to three telephone numbers to one line with unique ringing patterns. (Will also have three unique call waiting tones if you have the Call Waiting feature.)

Benefits: This feature can be used for family purposes or business purposes. As a business you can give out a different number than your personal home number and when customers or clients dial that number you will receive a unique ring on your home phone telling you it is a business call. Hearing the unique ring, you can answer the phone professionally and the children will know not to touch it. For family purposes, you can give that teenager their own number so you can save time by knowing who the phone is for. Let them answer it, not you. This feature gives you the advantage of additional phone lines at a fraction of the cost.

Ring Distinctions:
Main Number One long ring or tone.
Second Number Two short rings or tones.
Third Number A short-long-short ringing pattern or tone.

Tip: When using Distinctive Ringing and Call Forwarding together, there are two different options to choose from.
1. Redirect all calls for the main, second and third number to another telephone
2. Redirect only calls for the main number to another telephone number.

(To use or change these options, contact the telephone company.)

Description: With Selective Call Services you can choose what you want to do with specific numbers. You can forward, accept or reject specific numbers as you need.

Selective Call Forwarding: If you are waiting for an important call from someone but you need to
be someplace else, you can have that specific number forwarded to where you are going.
Code *63 to Activate – Code *83 to Deactivate.

Selective Call Acceptance: You can establish a list of phone numbers you will accept. When you turn
the feature on, only the numbers on your list will be able to ring through to your phone. When you turn
the feature off, all calls will pass through as normal.
Code *64 to Activate – Code *84 to Deactivate.

Selective Call Rejection: Allows you to establish a list of numbers you desire to block from ringing to
your phone. The list can be established before hand or a number can be entered right after you receive
an undesired call, even if you do not know the number.
Code *77 to Activate – Code *87 to Deactivate.

Benefits: Allows you to be in control of who can call you and when. These features are easily activated and deactivated at the press of a few keys on your phone.

Tip: These services are added separately, you can choose the one that would benefit you the most, or decide on all three.

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Description: Wake Up Service allows you to use the phone as an alarm clock. Just set the phone to ring at the time you would like to wake up.

How it Works: The service is activated by dialing the 2 digit code listed below, waiting for 4 seconds upon which you will hear a coded dial tone followed by a steady dial tone. At that point you enter the time in military format (HHMM). The time range is from 00:00 through 23:59. After setting the time, you may also select the number of rings from 02-20. If you enter nothing at this point it defaults to 10 rings. Wake up time may be changed at any time by dialing the 2 digit activation code, waiting 4 seconds, and entering the new time.

Code #76 to Activate – Code #77 to Deactivate.

Benefit: This is a fantastic way to get around sleeping in because of a power outage. How many times has your alarm clock not gone off in the morning because of a power outage or power flicker in the middle of the night? Rest easy all night, every night knowing that your phone will be your alarm clock. It is also good for waking up the children after you have left for work.

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Description: Gets the number* of the last person who called, whether you answer the phone or not. Will also redial the number for you so you can instantly return the call. Code *69
* Some numbers not provided.

How it Works: After dialing *69 you will be given the number of the last person that called. If you choose not to call that person back, you simply hang up. If you would like to call that person back, press 1. If the line is available you will hear the normal ringing. If the line is busy, you can hang up and the busy line will be dialed automatically for the next ½ hour. When the line is free, you will receive a special ring. You can then pick up the receiver and the number you are calling will ring. You may receive and place calls while this feature is on. If you receive a busy signal and do not want the automatic retry for the next ½ hour, press *89 then listen for announcement to cancel.

Benefits: Makes it easy to return calls that would normally be missed, saving you from having to make the MAD dash to answer the phone. This feature works with the Call Waiting feature. That means you can continue your current call knowing you can call back the person trying to call you while you are on another call.

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Description: Call Waiting will give you a short tone signal letting you know that another person is trying to call you while you are on the phone. You can put one call on hold while handling the second call, and you can alternate between the two.

To use Call Waiting, when you hear a brief tone, quickly press and release the receiver button on your phone. Answer the second call. To return to the first call or alternate between calls, quickly press and release the receiver button each time. You may also answer the second incoming call by hanging up the phone on the first call and allowing the phone to ring. To cancel either call, simply hang up. When your phone rings again, you will be connected with the person who is still on the line.

If you do not want to be disturbed by Call Waiting during an important call, you can temporarily cancel Call Waiting by pressing *70. (To temporarily cancel Call Waiting, the Call Waiting – Cancel function needs to be added by the telephone company.) You will hear 3 short tones followed by a dial tone. You can now place your call without being interrupted by another caller. Other callers would receive the normal busy signal. Call Waiting is automatically restored when you hang up.

Tip: If you have Three-way Calling, you can turn off Call Waiting during a call. Here’s how: Firmly depress and release the receiver button on your phone during your current call. Push *70 on your phone and then push the receiver button again to continue your conversation without interruption. Call Waiting will automatically restore when you hang up.

Tip: For Internet users, it is best to deactivate the Call Waiting feature while connected to the Internet. This will allow callers to receive a busy signal instead of thinking you are not home. It will also save you some frustrating line disconnects from your Internet service provider.

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Description: Continuous Redial, also called Automatic Callback, will automatically redial the last busy number you attempted to call. (Does not work on toll free and out of service area numbers. You will receive a voice prompt in these situations stating that the call cannot be made)

Code *66 to Activate – Code *86 to Deactivate

How it Works: After you place a call and receive the busy signal, hang up. Lift the hand set up and listen for dial tone. At the dial tone press *66 at which point you will hear an announcement similar to; “The number you have called is busy, but should it become available in the next ½ hour you will be automatically notified by a distinctive ring.” When the line does free up you will receive a special call back. Pick up the receiver and the number you were calling will ring. You may place calls and receive calls while this feature in active. To cancel the automatic retry, press *86.

Benefits: Saves you the frustration of continually re-dialing the same number over and over. Confidence that you will reach the person you are trying to call at the soonest available time. Frees the phone up for other business and assures you that you will not be looking up that number again 15 minutes later.

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Description: Do Not Disturb allows you to prevent incoming calls from ringing at your station. Only callers who have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) can override the Do Not Disturb and ring your phone. Callers will receive a recorded message telling them that you are not receiving calls at this time. During the message, those with the PIN can enter it and get through.

Code *78 to Activate – Code *79 to Deactivate – Code #87 to Change PIN

Benefits: The Do Not Disturb feature prevents unwanted interruptions. Very useful at dinner time or when just trying to catch up on some needed sleep. Also, is great if you are working those dreaded swing or midnight shifts and need to sleep during the day. The great thing is, you can allow the important calls from friends and family to get through by giving them your PIN to override the Do Not Disturb feature.

Changing Your PIN:
1. Press #87 and listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone.
2. Enter PIN (maximum of 7 digits).
3. Press #, then listen for three beeps.
4. Hang up.

Tip: The selected PIN remains in storage unless you change or delete it. deactivation of the Do Not Disturb will not erase your PIN.

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Description: Warm Line allows you to call a predesignated number or emergency service by simply lifting the handset. By lifting the handset and waiting 15 seconds, a predesignated number will automatically be dialed.

Benefits: Great in situations where you are concerned about emergencies. In the event of an emergency, small children, the elderly or a sick relative can simply knock the phone off the hook and it will automatically dial the designated number. Also could be used for that number you dial all of the time. Just pick up the phone, wait 15 seconds, and it automatically dials.

Tip: The predesignated number is programmed by the telephone company. In order to change the number, you need to call the telephone company.

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