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Good news! We have new faster speeds and even better pricing for you. 





Price for 1 minute





500 Mbps upload





1000Mbps upload





1500Mbps upload





2000Mbps upload

For the past year, Direct Communications has been busily upgrading all the fiber electronics throughout Eagle Mountain, and we are thrilled to have now completed a new 100 Gig fiber network so that we can bring you new multi-gig speeds at an even better value.

Now you can switch to a fully symmetrical new 1 Gig connection for only $75 a month. 500Mbps is now only $50 a month! This is our new everyday pricing. No promo periods. No hidden fees. No caps. No throttling. 

Plus, all our new speed options now come with free fully-symmetrical upload and download speeds! That means when you subscribe to 1 Gig speeds from Directcom, you get both 1 Gig down and 1 Gig up. This is unique. In the competitive world of high-speed internet, providers often advertise only the download speeds. Only Direct Communications, Eagle Mountain’s only 100% pure Fiber Optic Internet provider, is able to provide the symmetrical upload speeds you need today.

Image showing symmetrical upload and download speeds.
Only Directcom offers symmetrical upload and download speeds.

What Do You Need to Do?
You will need to take some action to move to the new speed packages by completing an upgrade order in our new online account management portal called Web Self-Care. We are experiencing extremely high demand for these new speeds. We want all our customers to have the chance to upgrade to our new speed offerings. We are trying to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible without breaking the system or our front office team members. Since there are a lot of you and only a limited number of us, here are instructions on how to upgrade yourself online using our new Web Self-Care service.

Web Self-Care is a web portal to manage your Directcom account and upgrade your Internet speeds online. To register, you will need a recent Directcom billing statement in front of you to access your account number for the sign-up process.

You can access Web Self Care directly from our main website by clicking on “Manage Account” from the top navigation menu and then selecting  “Web Self Care.”

web self care portal picture

Once you are on the Web Self-Care portal, you will need to log in or register for the first time. If you have not yet registered for this service, you will need to click the Register link. Even if you already have an older online payments account with DirectCom, you will need to create a new online account for Web Self Care since this is a totally new system. Click on Register. (Do not click on “new customer.”)

Please note, this service is currently only available to existing customers. If you are a new customer, please sign up online for service through our main homepage or call us at 8017892800.

After clicking the “Register” button, you will need to fill in your 10-digit account number and a security code.  Your security code will be 797 followed by the last 4 digits of your account number.

Enter your security code by using the numerals 797 along with the last four digits of your account number. You can find your account number in the top right corner of your Direct Communications bill. (Ignore the instructions on the sign up page about a service number–for Directcom customers it’s your account number.)

After clicking Submit, you will need to fill in all of the applicable profile information and create a unique password. The password must contain characters from at least three of the following categories: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeric, or Special characters.

Once inside Web Self-Care, you will see options to be able to:

  • Make Internet speed changes
  • Make Payments
  • View Bills
  • Add New Services to your Account

Click on “Add New Service” to upgrade your speed.

You are technically adding a new service when you choose a new speed. Please note, you will temporarily see both your old and new speed choices listed in your web self care account. Please don’t be alarmed. This is be fixed when we process your order and remove your old speed from the account. You will only be charged your new speed – not for both. 

Remember – Click on Add Service to upgrade speeds. Once you select a speed it will add to your shopping cart. Please also note that you must click on submit to finish the service order and get it into the system as a ready service order. Unfortunately, at this time you will not get an email confirmation.

Please note it could still take several business days for your service order to be completed by our techs once your speed change has been submitted. Thank you for your patience as you wait for your speed to change. It could take 72 hours to process.

Enjoy the fastest most reliable fiber internet in Eagle Mountain. Go to Web Self-Care now.